Sunday, July 1, 2018

Spicy Potatoes

No matter how you prepare potatoes, it's ultimately the seasoning that makes them irresistible. Baked, fried, roasted, whipped, or smashed, with a little oil or butter and a lot of seasoning, they become utter magic.

Some suggested Cowboy Spice Company spices that are ideal - Garlic Black Pepper Trail, Old Texas Trail, Sweet Heat, and Texas Yard Bird.

Don't forget you homemade potato chip seasoning when making these beauties:

Very thinly slice potato and soak chips in cold water with salt to remove some starch. Heat deep fryer oil (choose vegetable, peanut, olive oil) to about 365 degrees. Pat potato slices off so the water doesn't cause splatters. Lower groups of slices into the fryer at a time. Once golden brown, remove with strainer spoon and drop onto paper towels to dry out. Sprinkle with seasoning liberally.


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