Friday, November 16, 2018


My father was born Sten Thorvaldsen. When his dad moved them to America, they changed their name to Day and over time, people assumed Sten was short for Stanley and so he sort of adopted the name by accident. He insisted we have a Smorgasbord/Julbord each Christmas Eve and to this day the memories of it sing to my 75% Scandinavian DNA and the other 15% UK/Scots-Irish. Here's some things you might find on a Christmas Eve Julbord -

Pickled herring
Pickled and fermented foods
Hard flat bread
Cheeses like gjetost and Jarlsberg
Gravalax (cured salmon with dill)
Lutefisk (fish cured in lye)
Potato lefsa (soft bread kind of like pita)
Mustard dill sauce
Pepparkakor (ginger snaps)
Hot mulled cider
Anchovies, sardines
Rice pudding

Expect this holiday season to see me sharing some special recipes. Scandinavian diet is exceedingly healthy and also is very keto-friendly.

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