Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Winter Ice-Themed Party

An ice-themed party can be a total blast. You just have to think more creatively. Here's some tips that might make your party THE event each winter.

Ice shot glass mold 

Blue light bulbs (and lavendar) can give the room the icy feel. 

Purple light bulbs

I would consider getting one of these (above) and you can use it for relaxing time in the bath - on the bathroom ceiling, in bed before sleep, in a room while watching movies or a summertime party on the patio. It's a projector that projects watery blue lights on the ceiling and walls. It even has a built-in music player.

Hang paper snowflakes from clear fishing line and push pins from the ceiling and lay some on the counter with the foods.

Snowflake tablecloth

Ice luge mold

Foods/drinks to consider
ice block with sushi atop it
smoked salmon
sprigs of dill
deviled eggs
blue jello
ice cream/gelato
gazpacho soup
meatballs on toothpicks w/marinara and hot cheese dips
ice cubes with cranberries in them
martinis with blue curacao added

Go with the theme and have fun. 

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