Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Wintry Mushroom Soup

No matter how I make mushroom soup, some things are the same - aromatics (diced garlic, onion, celery, carrot), sherry, cream, butter, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary, mushrooms, and a medium-brown roux. 

With that, I can add bacon, or truffle oil, maybe beef broth. 

Roux - this one is equal amounts of flour and butter cooked until a medium brown. This will thicken the soup. 

Once I browned the aromatics in oil and added mushrooms for a few minutes, I take that mix and put in the crock pot. I add water or broth, sherry (I use about a half cup), fresh herbs, cooked roux. I add the sherry at the end of cooking time and season appropriately with ground pepper and salt. 

I used baby portabello mushrooms here, but sometimes I mix a few kinds of mushrooms for more dynamics. 

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