Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Future of Food Products: Helping Disease Processes

As my cilantro goes to seed in the warmer weather, I wait to harvest the coriander seeds. They could be used for seasoning in cooking, but I am saving them for replanting when weather is a bit cooler again. 

It's not a lot of work to grow a cilantro plant or gather its seeds. The benefits of having cilantro are great and I dry what is leftover at the end of the season when it's flowering so I can cook with it.

It dawned on me that we are moving out of harmful plastics, harmful trans fats, harmful corn syrup, and harmful artificial sweeteners as consumers more and more are unwilling to buy these items.

So, what is the future of food manufacturing? 

What if we manufactured a nutritional bar that is created for a particular condition, such as high blood pressure or blood sugar problems utilizing organic ingredients that Native People have long known work for these issues? 

Sure, I am sneaking turmeric powder into tea and eating ginger, but what if someone made anti-inflammatory food products with these items? 

Why is sugar so bad? It's okay in sugar cane form, but once you concentrate it, you get something super sweet that isn't natural. It becomes something abhorrent to your body's health. But, what if we concentrated cilantro/coriander? Cinnamon? Turmeric? Parsley? Rosemary? Cloves? We could use a touch of it in food preparation with lots of nutrients and flavor.

It could be as simple and convenient as a block you drop into your water and stir. It dissolves and you get a mix of cinnamon, cilantro, parsley and other diuretics/blood sugar control/anti-inflammatory components. 

What if you loved baked potato chips but they were sprinkled with flavoring that included potassium-laden herbal compound that allowed you to diurese from the salty item you just ate?  

We will always have shelf-happy items in the grocery store that can be stored for a long time and that's okay, but we can also begin to fill them with healthy components we might not get around to eating in the produce aisle.

What if that mixed salad bag you get has components and dressing that allow you to keep your blood sugar even or maybe lower your BP or even relax you? 

I suspect the use of herbs and spices, roots and the like will be a big business for the food industry. Even to say that they have these components in their food is a huge boon. Instead of hiding the issues with fake sugar in a soda, they could actually tout a soda that is based on the clean exciting taste of ginger and cilantro with concentrates of the healthy elements in each can.

I look forward to the population throwing up their hands at pharmaceutical dollars spent and pills to solve issues and begin to ask for a diet that can support a health population that is capable of digging ditches, carting boxes, fighting enemies, and being fit and capable, long-lived, and contributing their massive knowledge as they age, knowing their brains continue to be bright and alert. 

Here's to the future of the food industry and the aging populations' influence!

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